Elia Zane

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Hi, I'm Elia!

Since 2016 colleagues and clients have called me an SEO consultant, but in reality, I am an "SEO nerd."

I love numbers, patterns and I have a strong affinity to identify and solve problems.

In short, I'm fussy enough to tell you that you could be one of the 80% of people who don't update the copyright year on the website 😀

Unlike many SEO consultants, my approach considers all the elements of a website: from the most technical aspect to the most subjective and organic one (the user who visits it).

Nothing new under the sun, but it's something most of the time overlooked.

<The P.Q.A. method>

I use the P.Q.A. method to get the 80/20 of SEO in the initial stage of a project.

This is, in short, how it develops:

1- SEO / Usability analysis

The Personal Quick Audit is a technical and usability analysis of the website with which problems that limit traffic and conversions emerge.

2- Delivery of the Report

Thanks to tools like Ahrefs, SemRush, and mostly spreadsheets (cheers to Google Sheets!) I draw up a report (video or via shareable sheet) that highlights:

– Current problems limiting traffic

– Real potential and opportunities for the future of the website

– Comparisons with the reference market and sector competitors

3- SEO consultancy

Based on what emerges from the report and the objectives of the company and the website as a whole, I perform further specific analysis and create a concrete and actionable action plan to follow.

The end goal is to improve website's organic and/or paid traffic and optimize its conversions.

<How to contact me?>

Use the website's contact form or reach me out via LinkedIN.

I'd be happy to share some aspects of my work with you!

Hope to talk soon,

take care.


< something more about me>

I am introverted, and I prefer to listen than to speak.

I dissect complicated problems into simple solutions (I always do this 24/7 ..meh!)

Ethics and Honesty are two fundamental values. I put them in front of everything, trying to bring simplicity and a smile even at work.!

I really really love to read 🙂


Domus Media Lab
30033 Venice